Facebook Messenger New Fun Camera Feature

Facebook just announced some extraordinary features to its Messenger app. Facebook messenger’s camera now features built-in 3D effects & more.

Facebook Messenger Just Got A Powerful New Feature

As we all know, Facebook Messenger doesn’t just let you chat with your friends, you can also use it to play games with your friends. In recent times, Facebook introduced lots of feature on its Messenger. The company had also launched a lighter version of Messenger which consumes less storage and data.

Now, Facebook is definitely not depending solely on Instagram to take on Snapchat. Facebook introduced an upgraded camera in Facebook messenger that promises to not only be simpler, it now features a Camera with built-in 3D Effects & more.

The new camera integrated with both Android and iOS apps and is much faster and easier to use with special effects and art. Facebook says the new feature will replace the keyboard. Users will notice the shutter button positioned at the center of the screen, along with a palette icon to the right.

As we already mentioned Facebook introduced a place where you can find new art and special effects. So, there are the 3D mask special effects, which makes it very funny and easy to apply an artistic filter to the full-screen photo.


Not only this, Facebook has also added thousands of stickers, frames, masks and effects to the app, which you can personalize and use according to your wish. There is also a new palette icon which is next to the shutter lets you add stickers, art to your text, dressing up normal conversations.

Facebook had recently announced this new features and is now rolling out to all Android and iOS devices. Share with us your experienced in the comment section below.

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