Creating Facebook Fan page for your AIM GLobal Business

Complete Guide in Creating Facebook Fan Page for your AIM Global Business

Here's a step-by-step guide in creating Facebook Fan Page for your business.

Before We Will Start, Here are What You Need to Know About Facebook Pages

  • You need to have an account on Facebook in order to create a Facebook page.
  • Your Facebook page will be tied to your personal profile as the admin of your Facebook page; however, only you and Facebook know the connection exists.
  • You can have an unlimited number of Facebook pages.
  • You can have an unlimited number of fans (Facebook users who “Like” your page).
  • Facebook Pages are public—anyone can find and view your page whether they are logged into Facebook or not.
  • All content posted on your Facebook page gets indexed on Google.
  • You can target your posts by location and language.
  • You can add applications to your page, including your own custom content—video, rich text, graphics, opt-in box and more.
  • You can add additional admins (highly recommended).
  • All admins have equal rights to administer your page, including adding and removing other admins (choose with care!).
  • You can’t post content on your Facebook page from your personal profile (unless you use an @ tag from your profile and have your settings for that post set to Everyone).
  • Select your page title and category carefully as they cannot be changed once set.

Study Other Facebook Pages

To get a sense of what’s possible for your own Facebook page, look at a variety of examples in your own industry and related industries. Here is Facebook’s own Directory of Pages.

1. Login to your Facebook Account, Click the drop-down arrow on the toolbar, then select Create Page.

SOMS Creating Facebook Fan Page

2. Choose the Right "Page Type"

In most instances you’ll be choosing between Company, Organization, or Institution or Local Business or Place.

SOMS Pages Type

Here’s the best way to determine which will work best for you:

  • Company, Organization, or Institution: If people DO NOT visit your location, or if your events are always someplace different.
  • Local Business or Place: If people DO physically visit your location—for example, a bakery, concert venue, hospital, theater, museum, or art gallery.

(NOTE: “Local Businesses or Place” Pages are the only ones that offer Facebook’s Check-in feature. If you choose “Company, Organization, or Institution” your fans will not have the option to tell their friends that they are at your place of business.)

The Check-In feature allows Facebook users to update their friends as to their location. This means when someone checks in at your location the information will appear on your Page, their Timeline, and their friends’ News Feed; which helps get the word out about your business or organization.

3. A list of categories will appear. Select the relevant category, enter the basic information for your business, then click Get Started.

In our case, we are using Consulting/Business Services since we offered business to people. Below the category table is the Fan Page Name, you can use anything you want but right now as a sample we use YOUR Name – AIM Global Business.

You can also choose health/beauty category if your promoting our breakthrough products.

And Biotechnology for AIM World Products.

SOMS Page categories

4. Fill Out The "About" Section of Your Page

After successfully filling out the form, you will be redirected to another form that you’ll need to fill out to set up your business page. Although it has a ‘Save Info’ and ‘Skip’ options, it’s a good idea to fill out these details. By filling out all of these details your business will look more professional.

Fields marked by asterisks (*) are required.

Fan Page about section

Fill out what your Page is all about.

For example: Helping turning ordinary people to become extraordinary millionaire. For the website field input the link of your website, if you don’t have one you can put your other social media account links.
If you wish to have your own website visit this link.

For the last field it’s the username of your FB Page, where anyone can Find your page in Facebook search and it create custom URLs that let people quickly visit and message them. Like this:

5. Upload A Logo Or Photo for a Profile Picture

Next, upload the profile photo for your business. You can either upload the image from your computer or use an existing photo from your website.

SOMS profile pic

Next, add your business to your Favorites. It isn’t necessary, but doing this will make it easier for you to access your business page. It can be hard to find if you don’t.

Add to Favorites
Add to Favorites SOMS

The last thing Facebook will ask you – is if you want to promote your page to get some ‘likes’. You may want to wait until you understand Facebook a little better and have a social media marketing strategy before you spend any money. So hold off on an ad campaign for now. Just click SKIP.

Preferred Audience

6. Customize your Facebook Fan Page

  • Facebook will give you a quick tour.
  • Like your page.
  • Upload a descent Cover photo: The cover photo was introduced to brand pages during the much publicized switch to Timeline for Pages. It is the first thing people will see when they visit your Page and will have a big impact on the type of first impression you’re able to make. Its purpose is to help small businesses better tell their story in a more visual way—not to give them another place to sell their products. Don’t clutter your cover photo with text or promotional content; pick a photo that captures your business and the attention of prospective fans.
  • Tell people all “About” your business

    On Facebook, people who discover your Page and want to learn more about your business should find all they need to know on your “About” section. The “About” section (which includes your Company Overview, Description, and Mission) is your opportunity to introduce your business to a prospective fan and give them an idea of exactly who you are, what you do, and why they should “Like” your Page.

    Keep in mind that on Facebook, most of the people who will spend time reading your “About” section are people who are new to your business, not current customers. One way to make sure your “About” section speaks to that audience is to have a friend or family member whose not directly involved with your business, read your content, and share their feedback.

  • Invite Your Friends to Like your Page

  • Post a first update that people will want to tell their friends about

  • Set achievable goals for your Page and your business

    Congrats! You’ve just completed Creating Your Facebook Fan Page.

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