AIM Global + AIM World Website

  • When you avail SOM System, you will received both websites.
SOM System AIM Global AIM World

Professional Layout Design

SOM System Professional Layout Design
  • Having a website is not enough, your prospects first impression about your website reflects to who you are and does COUNT.
  • Better design = More Eyes = More Sales/Pay INS.

Multilingual Website

  • Expand your business worldwide, let your website talk to your clients/prospects.
  • More language more internet users.
  • Internet Users prefer to browse websites that speak in their own language.
SOM System Multilingual Website

Shopping Center

SOM System Shopping Center
  • Sell online, reach the global market.
  • Accept credit, debit, and PayPal payments.

SOM Live Chat

  • Easy accessible chatroom from your website to your Facebook page, receive instant messages. Answer inquiries easily.
SOM System Live Chat

Attractive Thumbnails

SOM System Logo Attractive Thumbnails
  • Let your links feel alive when sharing across social sites like Facebook.

Landing Pages

  • Squeeze Page
  • Capture Page
  • Serve as your online flyers and gathers leads and prospects online worldwide.
SOM System Landing Pages

Fully Responsive

SOM System Fully Responsive
  • Your website is viewable in any devices, android/smart phones, iPad, laptop & desktop pc.

Email Auto-Responder

  • For email marketing, let your website send emails to your leads, prospects, customers to join your business in your behalf.
SOM System Email Auto-Responder

24/7 Business Support

SOM System Business Support
  • Our Admins are dedicated to answer all your questions and concerns.

and many more...

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