Tech Savvy networker

How to Become Tech Savvy Networker

As per Bill Gates quoted “If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.” We all know that today is information age, we are living in an era where high advancements of technologies is so fast that if your business happens to not coping up with the trend you will likely end up losing it, worst cases you’ll quit.

Now to cope up with the trend you need to become a tech savvy networker and don’t get left behind with others.

Technology is the fastest growing field right now even in our industry, and there’s no sign of stopping anytime soon. Being a tech savvy networker is not an impossible task, but it is definitely required time and energy to master the basic. A self-assessment is always a good way to start in becoming a tech savvy networker.

Whether you are a beginner or not, becoming savvy networker with technology requires enthusiasm and a lot of dedication. The following steps are ways you can begin this exciting adventure.

1. Use Google

Google is your friend. If you have any question about something or need to research a certain topic about your business or anything, search using Google.

2. Find info about Computers.

Find info about computers, laptop, tablets etc. that you are using in your networking business. Info can be in E-books, on websites, or even in books you can find at your local library. As it says in the last tip use Google to find them. Also you might want to use Usenet to find some info.

3. Have Your Own Website/blog

For people to find you anywhere in the world an online presence is a must, a website/blog is a great tool for you to grow your business. Now this might be little bit hard, costly and a headache for you, since you need to know these coding skills, seo, marketing, hosting and stuff etc. which you might be not familiar of. At SOMS we make things for you, yes as in complete. It’s like owning your first new car where you can ride and use to reach your destination: your dreams. With SOMS you’re the expert.

4. Think Smart

Real Entrepreneurs are real smart they don’t do everything instead they find people who are better than them and they hire these people to work for them. You don’t need to do everything about tech, you find someone who knows the deepest tech thing and let them work for you. Also, surround yourself with people who have the same interest as you, work with them and learn from them. Learning is an unending process.

5. Join an online community of other tech gurus and don't be afraid to ask questions.

And OH! At SOMS we have a website for tutorials for you to become tech savvy networker, it’s name is in this website you will learn the step-by-step procedure on becoming a tech savvy networker.

Want to have an exclusive access? CONTACT US be part of our growing community.

6. Be always with your Phone & Don’t miss important calls

In networking business phone is like a holy grail, your phone is your everything. You can use it for presentations, cold calling, follow ups, social media updates, documentations, serve as your map, and many more.

7. Never get lost when handling business

With GPS-enabled smart phones, step-by-step driving directions, trip planning and much more are at your fingertips on the road. Never loss again when meeting prospects anywhere everywhere.
GPS Phone

8. Don’t limit yourself to desktop Internet access

Staying connected to the Internet doesn’t mean you have to remain anchored to your desktop computer.  When you are on the road, Wi-Fi hot spots can be unreliable, so consider investing in a Mobile Broadband card for a laptop that allows you to access the Internet anywhere you have mobile broadband network coverage, enabling you to do your networking business on the run.

9. Stay connected to industry news from just about anywhere

To keep up with your competitors, you have to know what’s happening in our industry in real-time.  Many new smart phones offer On-Demand web content access with a push of a button allowing you to retrieve customized, up-to-date information regarding networking news, money, sports, weather, and movie times to let you stay up on the latest in your industry or any other interest.

10. Secure your mobile phone

With the advent of mobile smart phones that allow you to conduct business on the run, protecting data has become more and more important.  Consider looking into a data security option for your plan that enables you to password protect and encrypt sensitive files, secure multiple phones of multiple operating systems at a time from one location, and backup any data on your phone.  And don’t forget to lock the device so if it is lost or stolen data cannot be accessed.  It’s too important for you to take a chance on losing it.

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